5 "German" Citizens Possibly Killed in Drone Attack

Just about an hour ago, the politically correct media reported that 5 “German” terrorists were apparently killed by a US/NATO drone attack in the region of Wazhu-a-stan near Pakistan.

German? Really? I wonder if their hair blond, skin pale and eyes pale blue. I wonder if they hold the common German last names like Fritz, Schmidt or Schneider. Most likely, not.

This may seem like a throw away headline of little or no importance to some, I happen to think it’s a big deal.

These misers are not Germans, they’re Islamic terrorists who happened to have citizenship in Germany. To call them Germans is an insult to the German culture and country.

Put it to you this way; how would you feel if Islamic terrorists who just so happened to have American citizenship status, were caught plotting attacks on IS European allies and they were dubbed “American?”

Since FBI and CIA officials have warned the greatest terrorist threat is coming from Muslims who hold American citizenship, we might not be too far off from it.

This is just another example of America marching toward the path of national suicide.


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