These days it seems like the American people, those who actually voted for Obama, are slowly finding out the difference between CANDIDATE OBAMA and PRESIDENT OBAMA. CANDIDATE Obama seemed to be the everyman, all the answers and able to deliver a chicken to every pot. PRESIDENT OBAMA has left something to be desired. He seems lost. Glib. Aloof. Incompetent. The grey hair is starting to close in and he wears more dark eye shadow than a Jersey Shore female goombah.

But he lies well. Or does he? You saw him standing up there at his press conference today regarding Flight 253 which, could’ve been known as the Christmas Day massacre, if not for brave passengers who were willing to go balls to the wall and give the crotch bomber a wedgie that he’d never forget. This press conference came after two separate attempts to make nice after a “systemic failure”. After his dominatrix of a Homeland Stupidity Chief declared victory and failure all in the span of 24 hours. After his Assistant Security Advisor John Brennan declared that there was “no smoking gun” when regarding Matullab the terrorist.

Brennan. What a putz. This is the same John Brennan who, in 2003, was in charge of Terrorist Technology (ie: mining data of terrorist incidents or attempts around the world). He was supposed to deliver to the State Department the statistics for 2002 on terrorist activity and he left out a month of data. And yes, that was under George W. Bush. But I was told that Obama would be a break away from the Bush Administration. Obama refuses to fire this putz. Some break away.

Obama basically got up there in the past couple of days and recited the old lines of “systemic failure” and “failure to connect the dots” and the usual glib bullshit. Obama’s two step makes Janet’s look modest. The other day he was basically calling for the CIA’s head and calling out the failure of the intelligence community. Yet today it wasn’t quite hell fire and brimstone. Obama stated something to the effect of it would be hard to place the blame….you get the picture. Why did he do this? I’ll tell you.

Someone came alive in that White House with the smelling salt to call off Obama’s usual empty populous rhetoric and making evil out of the CIA, FBI or anybody but the actual enemy of Islamic Jihad. This is because someone must have taken a refresher course in policy to realize that in 2004 a little ditty was passed called the Intel reform and terrorism prevention act. In that document, the CIA was no longer in charge of “connecting the dots.” So while David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel were very quick to lay all of this blame at the doorstep of the CIA and the various and sundry in the intel community, they may find out that they have just set up their boss for one doozy of a systemic failure.

In the investigation of flight 253, they’ll see that the responsibility of connecting the dots was taken AWAY FROM the CIA with the Intel Act of 2004 and was placed into the hands of National Intel director Dennis Blair. In short, it’s not the job, according to that document, of the CIA to connect the dots anymore. And as the investigation unfolds they will find out that the CIA passed all info to the NCTC and that they had the access to send all info to the higher ups meaning cc: Napolitano, Brennan, Clinton, Gates, Obama.

Although many in the intel community will tell you that a president who makes an enemy with the CIA, the people who are providing you with intel, or as the bureaucrats call intel “tools”, is just a silly fool. But like I’ve said before, Obama loves to engage in populist double speak. He’s got to make a villain out of someone. He made a villain out of George Bush, John McCain, Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin or any Republican or conservative.

During the Health Care push, he choose to make villains out of the insurance companies and drug companies even though he was in bed with all of them. After all, HMO’s and Big Pharma gave more to Obama in 2008 than they did to McCain or to BOTH GW Bush campaigns of 2000/04. When vilifying those “fat cats” didn’t work, he and his leftist in the media, who personify those in the German bund, vilified the Tea Parties.

Obama is doing the same thing with the intel community and when he engages in this populist double speak he proves that there is no adult leadership in his administration. This also alienates the CIA, who will most likely be vindicated when the investigation unfolds in their favor and forces Obama’s size 13 foot into his own mouth.

Someone ought to tell this president that globe trotting the world and jet setting across America as a darling hopeful candidate for prez is a lot different than actually being president.

Shit, I’d settle if someone would just let him know he’s president.

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