On my show, Mr.L’s Tavern Episode 44: Palin Reloaded, that aired on Saturday night on Chimpsy Radio, I spoke about the Obama/ Holder show trials for the 9/11 conspirators who will be tried just a stones throw away from site they attacked on 9/11/2001.

The commentary is not filled with liberal legalese and gibberish that grabs at straws to make the case as to why these scum bag terrorists should be tried, of all places, lower Manhattan. For me, it’s simple, it’s wrong, PLAIN WRONG, and will most likely be one of the biggest mistakes that Obama has ever made.

That’s right this decision rests on Obama. It’s his call. He’s the only one to blame. Holder has no constitutional or statutory authority to order the DOD to hand over military detainees so they can stand trial in civilian court. Just like Holder couldn’t order the Air Force to bomb a particular target. It’s all on Obama and Holder is simply another putz doing this disaster in a suit’s bidding.

Whatever you may think of Lindsey Graham who, yes is an imperfect Republican, but he asked an extremely important question: When in the history has an enemy combatant been tried in a civilian court? Holder chose a stammer and then silence. In the end, the only answer is NEVER. And that by doing this, Obama is on the wrong side of history, sets a dangerous legal precedent, weakens us and makes a mockery of our justice system.

Back to my show, I asked: if this trial is going down, who will serve as the jury of these terrorists peers??? After all, you’ve got to have a jury of their peers to have a fair trial right? I had a list of deviants in my mind who would sit in the jury box as the jury of their peers but since I’m not good with photo shop, I couldn’t make it happen.

Well and very special thanks to DC of Chimpsy’s Real American who used his photoshop skills to give us this picture below. Pass this sucker around, paste on your homepages and let people know this decision to let these bastards be tried in court as if they broke into your home and stole your TV, is just FUCKING wrong.

Thanks DC.


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