Coddling Killers and the McVeigh Myth

That’s right Hasan considered himself a SOA (Soldier of Allah) or, simply, Allah’s assassin. What ever you want to call it or, however some in this country would like to ignore it and shrug off and say that this terrorist attack on Ft. Hood was the workings of some lone nut job know this: Hasan proudly wore his affiliation and his radical allegiance to Islam on his sleeve.  Or in this case, in his wallet, as he passed these business cards to let stupid American infidels who were sleepwalking among him know just who he was and that his allegiance to Allah was well above his allegiance to United States Army or the USA.

There are some, and I stress some, who may view what he did as a terrorist attack but STILL calling this murderer a “Major” and that we can’t be pissed off at this guy and his ideology because, after all, “he’s still a soldier.”  If you think this way, you’re a part of the problem. You are guilty of coddling killers and you and your PC absurdity along with traitors are forming a fifth column within the ranks of the US military.

So if you want to use the word “soldier” with Hasan, we’d appreciate it if you put it in the correct context. Yes, he was a soldier alright. A soldier of Allah who would’ve laughed at you if you tried to reason with him while you under the gun. He would have given you the same respect he gave solider Pvt. Francesa Valez, who was pregnant when he shot and killed her.

You know, you’ve got to hand it to these Islamist jihadis. They use very simple language and they don’t like to complicate things. They don’t care about PC and they don’t care about offending you. They don’t care about freedom of speech. They don’t care about your due process. They don’t care about your feminist big mouth. They don’t care or do they acknowledge your gay lifestyle, etc. etc. Nope. For them, it’s quite simple. Either we convert you or we kill you.

I’m so sick of hearing “You’re just a racist and Islam is a peaceful religion” and “Christianity is just as radical” and that “99% of all Muslims are just wonderful and they all love America”. Well, that might be true. But if there are an estimated 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and, just to be fair, 1% of them were like Hasan, that’s 15 million. You may disagree, but that’s a serious problem and shouldn’t you be asking just where are the 99% who are actively trying to help us with the 1%??? And while not all Muslims are terrorists a disproportionate amount of terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims. And if they’re all innocents and have nothing to do with jihad, how come a poll taken in early 2008 by PEW Research that recorded 1 and 4 American Muslims condone suicide bombing attacks against civilians?

Where are the moderates? And if they are helping us, I’d like to know how. I’d like it documented and published. Now.

I’m sick and I’m tired at the fact that, every time one of these so called “incidents” occur, the left and the jihad sympathizers in this country will cite Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing.  See, they use moral relativism when bringing up McVeigh. They lie to you and tell you that McVeigh was some whacked out Christian Crusader and no different than the Islamo-fascist. There’s several problems with this theory. First, McVeigh wasn’t a Christian. He was agnostic as reported in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a publication that covered his execution. Unlike Hasan, there were no warning signs of McVeigh espousing religious ideology in the lead up to the Oklahoma city bombing.

McVeigh harbored serious animosity towards the US government and some believe that McVeigh might have had a little help from Islamic jihadists. You may remember just a few months ago when it was reported that the footage from outside of the Murrah building just moments before the explosion was altered and some of those moments missing.

Conspiracy? Maybe. Or, maybe another attempt to shield Muslims from backlash.

In September on my talk show, I spoke about a book called Triple Cross by Peter Lance. Lance outlines the events leading up to 9/11 in a detailed timeline that you can view in it’s entirety here:

Here’s the excerpt of the timeline regarding the Oklahoma City bombing:

On page 13 of the timeline, you will see a man named Walid Khan Amin Shah. Shah,  an Uzbeki, who was called “the lion” by Osama bin Laden and set up funding for three terrorist attacks in 1994.

Anyone notice the resemblance between John Doe number 2 who was police sketched from eye witnesses and Walid Shah pictured here?

Again YOU, the leftist or PC obsessed sympathizer, are part of the problem and you simply will never learn. You can continue to live in your fantasy land of utopia on Earth with the idea that if “we’d just leave the Soldiers or Assassins of Allah alone they’ll leave us alone” and BLAH AND BLAH. The reality is, if you do not deal with the killers then the killers will deal with you. It’s that simple.


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