I’ve always been a person who believes that out of something horrific or negative can give way to something positive.

First off, I would like to say thank you Nadal Hassan. No I’m not thanking Hassan for his heinous, ruthless, premeditated murder of 13 soldiers and wounding dozens of others while chanting “Alu Akbar” at Fort Hood. I’m thanking you Hassan because your cowardice act, and no question is firing on those who are unarmed in an act of the utmost cowardice, it reminds us sane Americans that are in this country of the enemy that lurks within.

You, the murderous Islamo-Sleeper Hassan, remind us of the radical Islamic jihad that walks and breathes in our society. You’ve proved, by your horrible actions that the liberal media and regressives in America, who called the Fort Dix Six plotters “would be terrorists” and “leaderless” with no “rigorous military training”, just what it would look like if Fort Dix would’ve been executed.

Translation of those media quotes: Not a threat. Just conservative paranoia.

Thank you Hassan, you traitorous, seditious Koran beater, as your slaughter reacquainted us with a totally PC and inept mainstream media, some who took over an hour to finally read your Arabic name. They did this because they know that real Americans in this country, not the rat commie pinko Obama-gandizers, have a knack of putting two and two together and knew right away that you were a Muslim. Your wicked act, once again proves that the media, compromised of a bunch of undereducated and common sense deprived bunch of whores (think Shepard Smith) are still playing by the “Diversity Guidelines Issued to Journalists” circa 2001. One of their tenants is “When writing about terrorism, remember to include white supremacist, radical anti-abortionists and other groups with a history of such activity.” You can read the rest of this politically correct bat shit crazy non sense here:

Let’s not forget this is the same media who, if we white male/females would successfully commit such a vile act and the FBI would just happen to have come across a copy of Michael Savage’s “Liberalism is A Mental Disorder” or Glenn Beck’s “Arguing with Idiots” in our home library, we would be thrown under the bus as fanatical, right winged radio listening, white Christian extremists.

Thank you, you dirty, rotten Jawa in a headscarf terrorist, for showing us that the Army, NOT THE TROOPS but THE UPPER ECHELON of the Army is rife with political correctness and who tuned the other cheek and protected you, a budding terrorist, who was waving one red flag after another. Quite frankly, those high in the Army food chain sat back and did NOTHING while you Hassan, for whom I’d proudly take a dump on your Koran, visited and participated with Anti American Mosques and websites that linked you to al queda. They were more interested in appeasing liberalism and afraid of a lawsuit if they called you on jihadist ways. They’re all an embarrassment and a testimony to what is wrong in this country and in the military.

Lastly, thank you Hassan, you homicidal Islamo for showing us that we have the Worst. President. Ever. As I told my readers and listeners over the summer when Obama ignored the protesting Iranians in the streets of Tehran that he couldn’t deal with foreign policy improv. Hussein Obama can only read from his script of left winged domestic policy that is certain to cripple and further bankrupt the nation. Instead of heading to Ft. Hood immediately, he felt more important to give a pep talk and twist elbows of those in his own party to pass a sick bill that will likely never get past the Senate. Of course, the worst president ever didn’t want to “rush to judgment.” Yes, let’s not rush to judgment like you did when you immediately condemned the Cambridge police as acting “stupidly” through stereotyped racial profiling.

After all, he wouldn’t want the sheeple in this country to suddenly put two and two together and associate the religion of Hassan with his middle name Hussein.

I wonder if the worst president ever after, God forbid, a few more of these “incidents” occur in America will be so proud to show off his middle name or will he hide it like he did before he was elected?

In a perfect world, this animal Hassan would be quickly found guilty of premeditated murder and sedition and sentenced to death. However, we see the reality coming. A long trial at the tax payer expense. A Upper East side Manhattan liberal lawyer representing him pushing an insanity plea.

How much more can you take?

Mr.L’s Tavern

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