I’m a New Yorker but I cannot help look at the New Jersey Governor’s race as a glimpse into the year 2012, another four years of Obama and an absolute and total destruction of America. The NJ race began with Democratic current Governor John Corzine and Republican Chris Christie. Corzine has presided over one of the worst economies that New Jersey has ever seen. Jersey’s has the highest property taxes in the nation, no jobs and corruption in Trenton that parallels Chicago. Flashback to this past summer and corruption sting involving many in New Jersey government with a few Rabbis thrown in for fun who were laundering money and selling black market kidneys from Palestine to the highest bidders.

It was Chris Christie who busted them all. He also handed convictions or guilty pleas to 130 public officials from both parties. In essence, the man is a modern day Elliot Ness. By August he held on to a huge lead over Corzine and it seemed like the state of NJ was starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Enter Chris Daggett. He’s the so called independent who like !puff! appeared in the race just recently as a third party candidate. He’s taken most of Christie’s lead on Corzine with 9% of the vote and now the two rivals are neck and neck. The NJ Star Ledger newspaper, which is probably more liberal than the NY Times (if that’s possible) has endorsed Chris Daggett.

Hmmm. I wonder why.

Who is Chris Daggett? Beats the shit out of me. If you want to know where Daggett stands on the issues, good luck. From my own research I’ve found that he has a PhD in education, is relatively inexperienced, spent a life time working on environmental issues. New Jersey, like my state of New York, is heading towards fiscal fallout. Yes, that’s financial troubles not environmental troubles. New Jersey, like New York, needs a state government and leader that has a clear fiscal plan.

Chris Daggett is an independent in name only. On the Lou Dobbs show today, Daggett offered nothing of substance and aired out tried and true populist platitudes like “the two party system isn’t working, we need another voice in New Jersey, both parties are failing us” etc. etc. Now, I have nothing against Lou Dobbs, but Dobbs is wrong for supporting Daggett just on the merits that Daggett is calling himself an independent. After all, it was Barack Obama who stated during the campaign that he was a centrist. Just give him a chance they said.

While Daggett may have an (I) in front of his name he’s the farthest from an independent. And when these moderates and independents claim that it’s not about republican or democrat parties, they’re right. It’s about ideology. And therefore, Daggett’s history states clearly that he’s a liberal and no different from Corzine. You may say, how did you arrive at that conclusion? Well let’s start with the fact that he has a Doctorate in Education. Those who have those are usually liberal. And he’s spent a life time working on environmental issues and in the non profit sector. Guess who grants funds to non profits? Rich liberals via donations and the federal government via you, the working class tax paying putz.

Like Obama, Daggett plans to implement a voodoo tax plan where he claims he will lower property taxes, and get how he’s going to do it? He’ll raise sales taxes, gasoline taxes and increase highway tolls. And if you’ve ever been to the state of New Jersey, you’d know that the tolls there are out of control already.

What does it have to do with Obama? Everything.

Obama’s tumbling poll numbers aren’t coming from democrats or republicans. They’re coming from the millions of independents who realize they’ve made a mistake by either, voting third party or sitting it out. Whatever they decided to do was a vote for “change”. Well, you got it alright.

According to the polls in NJ, Daggett only holds 9-11% of the vote. Translation: he doesn’t have a shot. Most likely, and I hope that I’m wrong, NJ will be stuck with Corzine for four more years.

Can this happen on a national level in 2012? Of course.

Are you going to let it happen again?

According to Obama from this appearance in the video below, he’s just getting started.

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