Well, there they go again.

Sarah Palin resigns and the left winged media, newspapers, blogs spun into action against her. More speculation and double standard. CNN’s Rick “Hit & Run” Sanchez asked another anchor if she stepped down because she was pregnant again. On the same network, some fatso Candy Crowley speculated whether or not she was reading from a teleprompter. Could you believe this when we have the TOTUS at the helm?

“She’s done. She’s finished. She’s over.” It’s all that you hear.

One blogger, Max Blumenthal is crying about an alleged embezzlement scandal that that remains unproven. Allegedly and according to Blumenthal, she gave a contract to a company of good old boys in an exchange to build her lake house.

You gotta be fucking kidding me right? Maybe next week they’ll be comparing her to Bernie Maddoff. This of course comes from Blumenthal who is still harping on whether or not Todd Palin, or even Sarah, was part of the secessionist party in the 1990s. I hate to break to Blumee, but there are a couple of Governors in America who have publically raised the idea of succeeding from the union recently. It’s a shame that such a genius of the blogosphere would miss that.

Yesterday, I posted a rebuke to a Vanity Fair hit piece on Palin and you can hear it below. The writer, Todd Purdumb, had rehashed many of the 16 ethics probes which have all been thrown out. Yet, if this so called embezzlement story is something that is so well known around Alaska, why didn’t the great Vanity Fair writer include it in his piece?

Where was all of this stellar reporting when Obama’s home was purchased with the help of Tony Rezko and possibly other foreign dollars? So easy how the left in this country forgets about those 13 condemned buildings in Obama’s Chicago’s district belonging to Rezko. Notice how the left is completely silent to the fact Obama has given GE 1 billion dollars in soft environment contracts.

As you may know, GE owns the MSNBC family of networks. GE CEO Jeffery Immelt is on Obama’s economic advisory board. Hmmmm. That would explain why the entire MSNBC family and a majority of it’s anchors dirty their knees for Obama on a daily basis.

So even if this “scandal” with Palin comes to fruition, I could care less. And I would like to thank Palin from the bottom of my heart for getting Michael Jackson off my TV screen this weekend. I’d much rather see her face than his.

Would I have liked to see her finish out her term? Sure. But I think I know why she did it. Palin has a book deal in the works which could be followed up with multiple speaking engagements around the country. A speaking venue for a political figure like her will likely take in 100k per venue. Fighting off all of these so called ethics probes has left her broke. She cannot go public speaking all around the country while remaining as the Governor of Alaska.

Oh yeah and to the all of the geniuses in the media: people who are broke are usually not corrupt.

Does this mean she’ll run in 2012? I don’t know.

I do know this: If unemployment continues to rise past 10%, if people in this country keep getting taxed beyond belief while some arrogant clod like David Axelrod lie and tell the press that Obama lowered taxes for 95% percent of the population, if Obama keeps telling us that the nation should follow the model of California as it gives out IOU’s and goes bankrupt, this little episode with Sarah Palin will be easily forgotten.

And frankly, if she did, nothing would please me more than to see the rotten left winged socialist in this country bleed from their eyes. Or worse:

Off to a cook out. Getting smashed. Have a great day all.

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