We told you so dummies….

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about or watched the video above. I get such a feeling of satisfaction when I see Helen Thomas, one of the most far left prog-lib (progressive liberal) and supporter of Obama, frustrated and demanding for the “openness” and “transparent” government that Obama promised during his campaign. Of course, their talking about the show town halls that Barack Obama puts together filled with Union members, supporters, Acorn members and screened emails and Twitter messages from the “little guy”.

To Helen Thomas, members of the White House press core and to any other liberal or douche bag moderate that got this not ready for prime time player into the highest office of the land I say…

We told you so dummies.

You were warned. You were warned not only by those of us conservative Americans, but by many former citizens of the former Soviet Union who had fled that country years ago to make a better life here. They’re voices rang the loudest. After all, they were the ones who knew Communist propaganda all to well. They ran from it. We as a majority in this country were embracing it. Oh, the horror…

I watched this clip at least five times just for kicks. I did it to watch both Press Secretary Robert “Mr. Stay Puft” Gibbs squirm and to see the buyers remorse in the eyes of Obama’s most ardent supporters.

Something else crossed my mind. In between the Michael Jackson coverage, you’re still hearing all about Mark Sanford’s infidelities in the media. Again, I’m not condoning what Sanford did. It was idiotic. Although, I would have to question the timing. The leak occurred right around the same time the Democratic Congress rammed through Cap and Fraud. The press had Sandford’s emails since the winter. To spring them on the public now would appear….curious ( Dr. Evil finger to mouth;).

But that’s an argument for another time. I heard a liberal pundit call out Sanford and say something to the effect that “when Republicans do this, the crime is more damaging because they are supposed to be a party of family values and principles”. True. Sanford, sans this infidelity, was pretty conservative. He promised his constituents conservative values. He’s broke the promise.

But why isn’t Obama held in the same regard? I would argue that, in just six short months of his presidency, Obama has committed a political infidelity on the American people. He’s promised an open and transparent administration and, according to his supporters, he’s not delivering.

These show town halls are just the tippy top of the ice berg. Obama’s blackberry, which he refused to give up, is off limits to the Freedom of Information act and because of that, the public can never see who or what he’s emailing if necessary. Also, when NPR starts asking about why they cannot see the logs to account for those who go in and out of the White House to see the president, you’ve got a problem.

His disapproval ratings are beginning to show it with each climb.

Those who voted for Obama to fix the economy, how’s that been working for you as we inch toward 10% national unemployment? Obama was elected because he convinced many of the vulnerable minds of this country that he could fix the economy. Instead, he opts to fix the planet with the Cap and Trade legislation. Which is a tax. He said he would never raise taxes on anyone who makes under 250k. But, what is a tax on your air conditioners and home heaters? A national sales tax? A cigarette tax? A health benefits tax? Alcohol tax? Telecommunications tax?

There’s no limit to Obama’s infidelities. Could you imagine if there was 10% unemployment under Bush and the next day he came out and said that his stimulus was working? Obama did. Could you imagine if John McCain were to come out, after the Dept. Of Labor said X amount of jobs have been cut and said that, if it weren’t for the stimulus an X amount more jobs would’ve been cut? Obama did.

And it’s not the end. And I hate to tell you, it’s only going to get worse.

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