Last night, I watched a documentary that gave me another reason to cancel my HBO subscription. What else is left to watch on HBO anyway? I mean, how many times can you watch Meet The Parents? And this new series about vampires, True Blood? Let’s face it, when Entourage is the only half way decent show on your network, it’s not saying much.

The documentary, which was very boring and biased, is called Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge of Free Speech in America. The way the creators, Martin and Liz Garbus (Father/Daughter) portrayed the endangerment of free speech in America, they should’ve called the doc Stories from the Edge of Liberal Free Speech. Right Free Speech, We’re Willing To Throw Under the Bus.

I’d like to say I was shocked, but I knew it was coming. Throughout the whole documentary, NOT ONE mention of the Fairness Doctrine which is a mission for Democrats to muzzle talk radio. Not one word about talk show host Michael Savage being added to a British watch list by ousted homeland secretary Jaqui Smith. Not one word about the peaceful assemblies of tea parties that were lampooned by liberal media elites.

I tried to keep my self control. I did throw a tissue box at the screen. Obscenities flew around the room. But then I remembered, it’s not TV, it’s HBO. I thought, let’s not forget, HBO ( Home Barack Office), was the same channel who served as media apparatchik for Obama when he won the presidency. They followed up that historic moment with that appreciation concert for the One called We Are One.

We Are One. I just got douche chills reading that out loud.

While watching this documentary, I wondered, did the creators Martin and Liz Garbage, ever hear about an ABC movie called Path to 9/11? You ever wonder why you cannot go to and get yourself a copy of that film? Well, because Bill and Hillary Clinton and various and sundry liberal Democrats won’t let you. They put a kabal on the film being distributed and riddled the network and producers with lawsuits to suppress re-runs of that film every year around that awful day. Why? Simply, because it shows Clinton in a bad light. Well then, where are the so called champions of free speech banging on Oliver Stoned’s door after his chop and slop film on George W. Bush and dark noir of Richard Nixon?

You might ask, what did these champions of freedom of speech in America feature in this so called documentary? The usual. McCarthyism. They can’t forget it. They also can’t come to the realization that it has been proven that there were people trying to destroy this country back then and working for the enemy. I wondered, why aren’t they featuring Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? After all, they were the most high profile case in the McCarthy Era! And, after all, the American left has championed the couple as poster children of right winged persecution. Perhaps, they weren’t featured because they were actually communists plotting with the enemy to destroy America all along!

Last fall, a co-defendant of the Rosenbergs, Morton Sobell, independently gave a statement that he believed the couple was plotting against America. According to him, a fellow comrade, they were passing atomic secrets off to the Russians.

It also featured the story of mass indoctrinator Ward Churchill who called the victims of the World Trade Center “Little Eichmanns”. And it actually places what happened to Churchill in the context of McCarthyism. However, what the creators or, should I say, propagandists didn’t mention was that Churchill was thrown out because of the back lash of the public and not by the government. They also forgot to mention that Churchill was charged with academic fraud and reinventing history in his classroom. I personally believe that Churchill’s greatest crime was putting activism above teaching. We certainly have enough of that going around the country. If you stepped foot on any college campus of America, you’d know what I mean.

In the effort to clear the air about free speech in America, Shouting Fire barely highlights the viewpoint of the other side, that would be the right or even indpendents in this country. They give Ken Starr a total of two minutes. Conservative writers Daniel Horowitz and Daniel Pipes get very little time as well. What about all of the scientists in America and the world who have been telling you that global warming is a fraud? Why don’t you go look at the emails from the EPA to find your answer. And I’ll mention this again, no talk radio hosts, who are under fire the most in this country, were featured in this fraud. Instead it’s filled with schmaltzy liberal Jewish academics, lawyers who gleefully call out right winged extremism. They even threw in a Rabbi for fun.

It’s pathetic. The film begins with the highlighted words from the first amendment “Congress shall pass no laws” regarding the suppression of free speech. The filmmakers neglected to mention that the Democratic Congress, many times, have tried to pass the Fairness Doctrine, in order to muzzle the last voice of the little guy: Talk Radio.

The largest crime of liberal bias in the film comes with the narration of Debbie Montasser. Montasser was the principal of the Brooklyn Madrassa who was believed connected to a controversy involving a T Shirt called Infitada NYC. However, the doc barely gives mention to the fact that Montasser, when first accused of the passing around these shirts, never confirmed or denied that they were of her own doing. The filmmakers also failed to include ANY of the writers from the New York Post who covered the story daily for their say in the matter.

Lastly, let’s not forget who Martin Garbus is. He’s a Jewish/American who’s parents fled the pogroms of Poland to come to America for a better life. It’s amazing how this same Garbus doesn’t have anything to say about the current Obama administration’s lust for government power and take over whether it be the big banks, auto, health industries or what light bulbs you can and cannot use in your home. I would love to know what Garbus thinks of Obama’s statement on the 2008 campaign trail where he stated he wants to create a civilian national security force that would take the place of the military. I think a man who came from the Jewish struggle would find that offensive to civil liberties, yet, he left it out. Let’s not forget that Garbus is the lawyer who argued for Neo Nazi’s right to free speech and to demonstrate in the 1970’s.

I’m sure that went over well when he told those in his circle of Jewish family and friends that he was going to do that.

Perhaps going after the “right wingers” in this film is his day of atonement.

Mr.L’s Tavern

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