I’m sure you’re all glued to the sham elections in Iran that ignited thousands of Iranians taking to the streets to riot for a more democratic and moderate Iran. It is a revolution by the way. Don’t let the pop tarts on MSOBC tell you different. President Obama ( I’m having a hard time putting president in front of his last name because he’s behaving anything but presidential these days) has yet to come out and say something substantial about this crisis in Iran or a bellicose North Korea.

Like his very short term in the US Senate, Obama refuses to take a position against the Mullahs and, like most of his votes in the Senate, he is simply voting PRESENT for liberty, democracy and freedom of the Iranian people from the dictator Mahmood Anythingforajihad and the mad Mullahs.

This is an embarrassment and, quite frankly, is like watching Jimmy Carter help overthrow the Shah by supporting the Ayatollah in the 1970’s. By saying nothing or, coming out with a mealy-mouthed statement of “wait and see” or that he’s “troubled” shows that he, like his predecessor Carter did with the Ayatollah, supports the Mullahs and Anythingforajihad. Let’s not forget that, Obama is a man who, while campaigning for presidency, stated that we shouldn’t build nuclear power plants in America. But now as president, he thinks that it would be ok for Iran to have nuclear power. Obama, the man who ran on a campaign of “hope and change”, chooses to sit silent and refuses to support the Iranians, most of them young and pro-West, who want “hope and change” in their country.

Saying one thing in Cairo and another in America proves to the world that you’re, at best, another political animal. At worst, a hypocrite.

A few weeks ago, Jon Voight said in a speech to the GOP that Obama was nothing more than a bad actor. Being a veteran actor, Jon Voight should know bad acting when he sees it. I was once a struggling actor in my early, early twenties. I took classes at HB Studios and the Second City Improvisational Group. There are some actors who can only rely on the script. There are other actors who are more than comfortable deviating from the script. As with improvisation techniques, you have a situation thrown at you that’s not in the script and it’s up to you to react to it. The way you handle it makes the scene either better or worse.

Here lies the problem with Obama. While Iran burned and North Korea sent a ship possibly laden with nuclear materials into the South Pacific and threatened to shoot a missile at one of Obama’s birthplaces which would give a whole new meaning to rockets on the Fourth of July, what did Obama do?

He talked to the AMA about health care, swatted a fly and spoke about regulating the real estate industry. Suggesting that the real estate market needs to be regulated only makes him look like a fool. Regulating the RE or Mortgage industries will make it harder for the housing market to recover. And after so many got burned in the housing market collapse, it’s highly unlikely that people will risk anything in RE for a very long time.

But why did he choose to practically ignore all of this? After all, he’s a man who’s in our faces everyday holding one press conference after another! I’ll tell ya why. Because international crisis’ are not on the script. They’re Improv. The scriptwriter, God only knows who wrote it *cough George Soros*, wants him to stick to the lines. The script, of course, entails monologues about socialized health care, the need for industry regulation, amnesty for about 30 million illegal immigrants, apologizing to the Muslim “world” new taxes and tall tales about evil Republican white male capitalist pigs.
That’s right, he’d rather demonize American business than demonize the North Korean pot bellied pig.

I’m sure that Obama is longing for the campaign days where all he had talk about was the script. However, the real world isn’t about campaigning, it’s more about leading. It’s not about reading lines from a script or, in Obama’s case a teleprompter. It’s more about dealing decisively with impromptu adversity.

A friend asked me the other day that if I had one minute with Obama, what would I say to him? Simply this:

I would really like to like you. However, you’re making it impossible for me to do so with each passing day. A state like Michigan has an unemployment rate of 14% and others are following suit. You’re stimulus isn’t working. Stop addressing the so called “Muslim World” or “street” and address those Muslims that are pro-Western and fighting for liberty. Could you imagine if the Iraqis could’ve done what the Iranians are doing after the Persian Gulf War. And how about dealing with North Korea before you get us all killed. Seriously.

If you’re a person like myself who wakes up everyday and is afraid to turn on your computer and go to Drudge, you’re not alone. The world’s a stage and day by day the scene playing out gets worse. And it’s not helping that we, as Americans, have to worry about what the teleprompter won’t say or do next.

Perhaps one day we’ll wake up and the teleprompter will declare war on Canada?

You just never know…

Mr.L’s Tavern

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