Those who are a part of this site, or who come from My Space or any other political forum, know that arguing with a Ron Paul kook about Dr. Paul is no easy feat. For the Ron Paulies, he is the messiah. The obsession with Paul for those who go to his church of worship is much like the messianic complex attached to Barack Hussein Obama with his followers. When arguing with a Ron Paulie, they will insist that Dr. Paul is the most brilliant man in the United States Congress who is “spot on” about our military “occupation” in the middle east. They will not let you forget that Dr. Paul is the most knowledgeable on economic issues facing the state of the union and the most fiscally responsible than any other congressman in the history of American government.


For most of us, Ron Paul was a thorn in the side during the lead up to this election. His followers constantly told us “they’re needs to be a third party, man” and that “the corruption of both parties makes this an oligarchy, man”. Congressman Paul is nothing more than a fraud. Worse, a fiscal fraud. This man who prides himself on being the King of coin is nothing more than a porker. Pork barrel that is. Paul the Porker, this year, has obtained 22 earmarks worth 96 million dollars. For your enjoyment, here’s a list of earmarks invited to the Paul Pork Party listed below. Ron Paul states on his website that “As long as the Federal government takes tax money from [Paul’s] constituents, he will make every effort to return that money to his district.”

Has he ever heard the term “two wrongs don’t make a right”? I think he has. If you followed some of his arguments against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan you’ll see that he has heard of this term. Was it not he, Dr. Paul, who claimed that just because holy war terrorists killed 3,000 people on our soil doesn’t give us the right to occupy their country and disrupt their sovereignty? I think you get the picture now.

Mr.L’ Tavern

1. $25,000 for the Brazoria County Sheriff to establish a “Children’s Identification and Location Database.” (what does that mean? Can someone say civil liberties?)

2. $8 million for the marketing of wild American shrimp.

3. $2.3 million for shrimp fishing research.

4. $3 million to “secure the acquisition of the McGinnes tract, protecting its critical natural resources and helping consolidate refuge inholdings.”

5. $5 million to expand the cancer center at Brazosport Hospital.

6. $200,000 for the Matagorda Episcopal Health Outreach Program to fund a “National Health Service Corp Scholar.”

7. $4.5 million to study the effects of the health risks of vanadium.

8. $3 million to test imported shrimp for antibiotics. (Does anyone think there is a big shrimp industry in Paul’s district?)

9. $10 million to repair the Galveston railways causeway bridge.

10. $1.18 million for “Personalized Medicine in Asthma”

11. $100,000 for a “data-driven automated system for nursing students on the Texas Gulf Coast.” (what?)

12. $257,000 to “prepare graduates from the doctoral program at the University of Texas Medical Branch School of Nursing to assume faculty roles in schools for nursing with a deficient number of doctoral level faculty.”

13. $1.4 million to buy buses for the Golden Crescent Regional Commission.

14. $2 million to buy buses for Galveston.

15. $5 million for highway spending.

16. $2 million to replace facilities for Galveston bus service.

17. $3 million to replace facilities for the Golden Crescent Regional bus facility.

18. $2 million to repair the Galveston trolley.

19. $2.14 million to renovate the Edna Theater. (this place has been closed since 1977)

20. $13 million for I-69 highway project.

21. $30 million the Texas Maritime Academy to refurbish a ship.

22. $4.5 million to maintain Cedar Bayou. Plus another $9 million

23. $15 million for “construction at GIWW Matagorda Bay.” Plus another $5.8 million

24. $100,000 to maintain Chocolate Bayou.

25. $2.5 million to maintain Double Bayou.

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