Go to the clip provided by Marty’s Office:

I’ve included a clip that you should listen to above that gives chilling insights as to what the liberals and Obama plan to do to the two party system. I know you could sit and say, “ah what does that kook know! He’s just some caller on a talk radio program.” Maybe. Maybe not.

But this is the voice of the people and when I listen to this, it actually makes a lot of sense. Democrats and liberals are and always have been the political party that embraced fascism. They want total, absolute control. I laugh when I think of all of the Ron Paul losers, civil libertarians, don’t tread on me independents, constitutionalists and others who have been masquerading as conservatives but voted for Obama. These are the people who despised Republicans/conservatives and called for a rise of a third party during the run up to this election. Well, after hearing this, I’ll be shocked if we even have a two party system in America after four, or God forbid, eight years of this fraud called Obama.

Where are all of them now? Where are all of you’re voices now that you have a real, live dictator in the White House? What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? Or do you now only want to talk about your I Pod’s now that your man is office? You’re all hypocrites. I guess it’s ok that Obama ditched hope and change for catastrophe and Great Depression. He now throws that around every time a microphone is in his face.

And where are all the “no war” libs? Obama is now increasing 17k troops to Afghanistan. Where is the outrage? Ff-in hypocrites.

While I do not question the talent, skill and resolve of our military, I do question Obama as Commander of the military. And I also question the American public. They will not be able to stomach a long term engagement in Afghanistan with yet another administration trying to win “hearts” and “minds” and fight “smart” war. Of course, Iraq was the dumb war. Or was it?

If, God forbid, the body bags begin to pile up during the “smart war”, I will be around to tell you I told you so. I’ve been saying since 2006, when casualties increased in Iraq and the media drooled, that perhaps the Bush administration learned from the British and Russian failures in Afghanistan and realized the casualties there had the potential of being 3x the amount lost in Iraq. Makes sense. The terrain is much more treacherous and the tribal strife makes any in Iraq look like a tea party.

According to those who declared Iraq a Bush failure declared that the military was under funded, overstretched and under manned. Ok, true. But it looks like Obama is going to make the same mistakes. You see, Fox News has reported that Obama is telling the Joint Chiefs to find ways to cut spending by 10%. In the spirit of fairness I’ll mention that the Congressional Quarterly announced that Obama has given the Joint Chiefs 527 billion or an 8% increase for non-war spending. Now, what does that mean? Because the last time I looked, we were in two wars.

Furthermore, is 8% enough? After all, we’ve been told by every one in the media and some bloggers for the past 3 years that our combat systems are wearing out and getting old. And spending on maintenance is up more than 80% from a decade ago.

So while I give him credit for the 8% that’s about I’ll I can give him. Keeping a foothold in Iraq, going into a potential disaster situation in Afghanistan, which some experts say could be Obama’s Vietnam, and monitoring hostile nations like North Korea and Iran, the military is going to need much more than 8%.

What should be stimulating defense is stimulating honey bee insurance. The money spent on precious honey bees could go to about nine utility helicopters and employ 1,200 skilled workers. Historically, defense spending has provided both jobs and security. It’s a shame President Obama isn’t stimulated by that factotum.


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