People, I live about 45 minutes from mid-town Manhattan. It’s just a Metro North train ride away. I used to work in the city and would commute there on a daily basis. Before that I would always commute there to see two of my old friends who lived there. Now, one old friend is gone to California and the other has moved 1 hour and 10 minutes north.

I have no other reason to go to Manhattan ever again and couldn’t be farther from it, especially around this time. Watch the whole video if you haven’t already and you’ll hear what I’m saying.

Only in New York City. But this is not the real New York.

I’ve often said, whether on my show or in blogs that. only in a SICK place like Manhattan, you could be a convicted rapist, an illegal immigrant who drove drunk and wiped out an entire family of six or even a pedophile, once you tell a tolerant liberal that you’re a Republican/conservative you will then find out how INTOLERANT ILL-liberal liberals can be.

The people in this video are the same kind of people who allowed a Muslim anti-American rally in 2006, where they burned flags and chanted “Death To America” right on the same city streets.

Did we hear any jeers or boos in that video? Nooooooooo!

Only in New York City.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the city. I love the beauty of it. I love the energy of it. I love Central Park, Bryant Park, the museums, the comedy clubs, the food, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square. I love BBQ ribs at Brother Jimmy’s and cheese burgers at PJ Clarke’s. Trust me, there’s a lot to love.

But I can’t stand the people. Especially the ones who are in this video. This is not the real New York. This is not the New York where I come from.

These losers, who call themselves the intellectual elite (although you might think differently with the intelligent middle fingers that are counted in this video), DO NOT represent me as a New Yorker. These are people who elected Mayor Dinkins out of white guilt/black pride. Dinkins, in just four short years, drove the city further into the gutter. Then, the same ILL-liberals secretly cheered when their one bedroom condo dollar values soared under a Giuliani administration. They’re the same disgusting, despicable, liberals who would call you a racist if you told them you wouldn’t vote for Barack Insane Obama.

Meanwhile, these intolerant, ill-liberals remain idle and silent when faced with sexism regarding Sarah Palin. You know, it’s racist that a woman at a McCain rally would call Obama an Arab (although it’s still up in the air whether or not that woman was an Obama plant to set McCain off) but it’s IS alright when a group of degenerates want to sport “Palin’s a cunt” t-shirts at Obama’s rallies. And what about the comments from Obama himself, who claims McCain is “out of touch” and “can’t use a computer” implying that he’s old?

I ask you intolerant, ill-liberal liberals, is John McCain a victim of AGEISM? Or is that ISM above your pay-grade???

I’ll say this again, the fact that McCain can’t use a computer because his shoulders were broken by the Vietcong is a plus. Because it will be one less politician in Washington who won’t be on Craigslist looking for whores.

Only in New York City.

Not my city. Not the New York that I know.


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