NO MORE HELP! Liberal Fiscal Policies Coming Home To Roost!

I, Mr.L, subscribe to the Newt Gingrich philosophy regarding the bailout plan. That is, simply, I think it sucks. The main reason that I’m against this bill is because there’s no proof that the billions will actually solve the problem. A friend of mine recently reminded me of the old saying which applies to this economic problem at hand.

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help”

The punch line to that is, if anyone says that to you, run and don’t walk from them.

Help? It’s a four letter word. It is how we got here. The “I gotta help” mentality of liberalism. Jimmy Carter and the Community Reinvestment Act. Bill Clinton and the so called Clinton “changes” in his administration in 1995 which advocated for subprime loans. Liberals like Barack Obama who worked for law firms Miner, Barnhill & Galland who were hell-bent for leather trying to get minorities in homes. These firms “helped” by suing the banks with discrimination charges if they didn’t lend money to unqualified black or Hispanic buyers. You know, the mentality of giving them the home due to the color of their skin and not the color green in their wallets!

The same liberals, Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, Frank, Reid, who wanted to CUT AND RUN in Iraq are now trying to CUT AND RUN from their own irresponsibly horrid ideologies and economic policies. They want to CUT AND RUN from the blame and pawn it off on Bush, Republicans and Wall Street Tycoons. Now, I’m not saying that the Wall Street money honeys and daddies don’t deserve the blame, but what about the ordinary irresponsible average asshole? They are not immune from being corrupt. They are just as much to blame for running the country’s economy into the ground. They did so by taking bad loans, buying “McMansions”, not understanding the terms of loans, having bad credit and then, for some close to 1 million illegal immigrants, literally walked away from their responsibilities and went back to “their country”.

None of them are mentioning the average citizen. They keep saying “rich bankers”, “wall street tycoons” etc. They’re actually advocating for more bad lending practices and offering MORE HELP to distressed homeowners.

Do you personally know anyone who has been forclosed on? I don’t. Not only do I not know anyone but, I don’t know ANYONE who knows anyone who has.

It’s liberals & even Bush who are using fear and leaving behind reason by bascially claiming that, if this bill doesn’t pass, the four horsemen of the apocalypse ride up on America. According to them, business won’t be able to make payroll, people won’t be able to buy cars and home prices will drop. Bullshit!

I would think that actions could be taken to help small business owners make their payroll if need be. I think most will agree with me when I say that home prices NEED to come down. Currently, in the suburbs of New York, a two bedroom co-apt or condo in an good area goes for roughly a cool 300k. That’s absurd. And a homeowner can’t come and cry to me that they want to sell and “can’t get what they want for it” . There’s a owner on my block who bought his 2 family house in 1970 for 50k and wants 800k for it. Wake up! The days of “flipping” are over.

And what about liberals like Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi who, all of a sudden, care about the automotive industry and whether or not you can buy a car? I would think that liberal greenies wouldn’t give a crap whether or not the auto industry could go under. After all, that would mean less cars on the road would help global warming, right?

What exactly did people do before credit when they wanted to buy a car or a house? They had to save money. Put their own money into the deal. You know, something called a down payment. It might be that Americans will have to be introduced to an old concept that they don’t quite like and that is, fiscal conservatism. You want a car? Well, you’re going to have to save for it. If you can’t make a down payment, well, you’re going to have to buy a shabanger instead of a Lexus and fix that baby up until you can buy a better car.

It’s clear that fiscal liberalism has run a muck. Fiscal conservatism will save the nation. It’s going to take time. But just like this crisis began took over ten years to come to a head, it will take that long to fix it. No quick fixes. No easy solutions.

No more help.

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