When you have leftist scum like Michael Moore go on another leftist scum like Keith Olberman’s show and says that he believes “there’s a God in heaven for sending Gustav on the week of the GOP convention”, you have ask yourself, where are the liberal’s fucking heads at? How low does the left have to stoop? To actually be thanking God, a God that leftists like SICKO doesn’t even believe exists, for a natural disaster in order to disrupt an opposing political party is quite sick.

That is one way Gustav might help the GOP. To show independent swing voters, who are genuinely proud of their country, who don’t buy into conspiracy theories, just how radical, hateful and bi partisan the left really is.

Another way Gustav may help the GOP? Republican Governor Bobby Jindal. The governor has proven himself as a man who is a true leader who has taken the bull by the balls, organized and made evacuations MANDATORY! It also shows you that a little common sense goes a long way. If a category 4 storm is heading for your state, GET OUT! It certainly pays off that when Katrina hit, there was an incompetent Democratic Mayor and Governor who were not proactive as Katrina headed for Louisiana. So the people of America may be able to see the difference.

Katrina=Democrat/Disaster/Death. Gustav= Republican/Resolve/Refuge.

Another way is, the storm may, I stress may, be downgraded by the time it is supposed to hit. I hope it does. As a conservative/ Republican, I don’t want to see people die for the sake of partisan politics. However, some in the liberal media are frothing at the mouth because this may be damaging to John McCain, as if somehow John McCain has control over the weather.

Lastly, Bobby Jindal reminds us of the executive responsibilities that Governors carry as being stewards of a state. Gov. Sarah Palin has this experience and brings it to the John McCain table. Biden does not.

The choice of Sarah Palin reminds us that John McCain isn’t George W. Bush. If he was, his choice for VP would’ve been Colin Powell, Condie Rice or Tom Ridge. With Obama picking Biden, a man who is considered by many in Washington as just another typical Beltway boy, he’s proven that he’s more close to the Washington establishment than we may think.

I don’t know about you but, I don’t want two lawyers running this country.
McCain/Palin 2008

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