So who would you vote for?
Jar Jar Binks….

Or Yoda….

It’s pretty much a no brainier for me.

Like most, growing up as a kid, I loved the Star Wars films. For the most part, I still do. My favorite is “The Empire Strikes Back.” I thought the plot turn where the rebels lost at the end added something interesting to the narrative of the series. The Star Wars series is a staple of American pop culture. Ronald Reagan used it to name his anti missile defense plan in the 1980’s. When campaigning for President in 2000 against G.W. Bush, John McCain proclaimed that he was “Luke Skywalker trying to get out of the death star and we are going to win this election.”

Hollywood progressives like Star Wars creator George Lucas, who are tucked in their own little galaxies far, far away, have used themes of war and evil and tagged them to America. Lucas apparently got so caught up in his progressive anti American political ideology, that he admitted the hidden themes in the final installment of the series, “Revenge of the Sith”, were all about “imperialistic American foreign policy.” So, it’s not a shock when I read that Lucas is an unabashed Barack Obama asshole buddy.

Barack Hussein Obama has been compared to a lot of other politcal figures in history. He’s been compared to JFK and Bobby Kennedy. The most laughable comparison to come from the lilliputians here on myspace and in the media is when they try to compare BHO to Abe Lincoln. LMAO. What makes it so funny? Abe Lincoln served FOUR two year terms as an Illinois representative. He also served in a milita. Honest Abe was never accused of getting a BJ from a male crack addict in the back a of a limo. He also freed slaves. BHO did community service (cricket sound), served four years in the Senate, two of the them were spent running for President. BHO wishes to enslave the American people and impose the tenants of Marxism on the entire country. I still have not seen one empowering and positive message that he has made to the black community. It’s pretty much the same old same old. Blame the evil white man. Change is a commin. In reality, BHO could be compared to Jimmy Carter. That’s not a good thing.

But back to Star Wars. When thinking of the great characters of Star Wars and applying them to those running for President today, I’m sure Lucas would like to believe BHO is more like Luke Skywalker, a young Jedi in training who will defeat the evil empire. The same evil empire and wanton captialist society that helped fill his coffers and helped him own half of Marin County, California. I’m sure in his progressive mind, John McCain is Chancellor Palpatine.

But for my money, BHO is nothing more than Jar Jar Binks. A bumbling oaf of a character with overly pronounced features. A nakedly ambitious and child-like idealist of a politician. Jar Jar was a character who came into the Star Wars saga, like Barack Obama into the poltical scene, from out of no where and for the sake of diversity. He had racial controversy attached to him as does BHO. Jar Jar was a character who StarWarsphiles didn’t get, didn’t think was relevant and didn’t fit.

And then there’s John McCain, ehm excuse me, Yoda. Like the green dynamic half pint, McCain may be old and wooden, but he’s potent. A trained warrior Jedi who has seen the battlefield in the theatre of war and in the theatre of Washington politics. Like Yoda, McCain is a familiar character, one that was introduced to us a long time ago in a galaxy or time far, far away. Like Yoda’s loyalty to the force, I do not question McCain’s patriotism or love of country. Also, John McCain was never accused of getting a BJ from a male crack addict in the back a of a limo.

Yep, a no brainer.

It’s a shame that 45%+ – of America has lost their brains.

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